The World of large format printing, and Tagging.

Smart Phones are a wonderful thing, we can now take photos, movies, get e-mails, text, find driving directions, get more information than ever before.   That little phone has more computing power then the Apollo Astronaut’s had!   So how can Smart Phones help with marketing and sign? Signs are used to inform your customers about up and coming events, specials, what you are currently selling and provide information necessary for your customers to make decisions.   Say you have a new product and you want to direct customers to more information—how do you do that with a limits of a sign?   A well designed sign will get their interest up, adding a TAG or QR code will let them get more information or be able to place and order right from their smart phone! Tags are generated by Microsoft and Look like this: Imagery_Unlimited_201341974055       QR Codes look like this: qrcode.13232113   To read QR codes and Tags you will need a app for your smart phone.   These are available where ever you purchase your apps from, and are usually free. These codes will help you to direct customers to more information, surveys, or even downloadable coupons.   For more information contact Imagery Unlimited at 800-829-4018 or

How Many Customers are you missing?

What ever your business, you have people walking by everyday.  Some businesses may have a retail front, or in a commercial office park, or be in the food service industry.  The people that pass by are many times an untapped source of revenue potential.   Did you know that every person knows on average 350 people?  That is the potential of reaching many customers that do not know what you do, offer or have available.   Let’s say you have as little as 35 people that pass by a day.  These 35 people know 12,250 people, that is the potential of 12,250 new contacts!   Now let’s say that only 1% my have need of or be interested in what you have for products or services, so lets cut that to 125 people that are potential new clients.  So in one year, say there are 250 days that you are open, that is 30,000 people that you have access to right out side your front door!  Now if you are a Cafe and your lunch check average is around $5.00 and you get say 10,000 of those to stop in for lunch in a year, you have now the potential to increase your lunch sales for the year by $50,000!  I do not know about you but I would like a piece of that untapped pie. So how can you reach those sales right out side your door?  One way is with a simple sidewalk sign. These are called A-Frame signs and come in all types.  Imagery Unlimited can provide you with these A-Frames and help you tap this resource that is passing by right outside your front door.   We can help you determine what one will be best for you, and help you design and produce your message.  Some have panels that can be changed out or framed edges that open up to easily change your message, making is so you can reach even more untapped customers.  They come in materials that work well in and outdoors.  It is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your untapped and regular customers daily, and have one of the fastest ROI of your marketing budget.   Imagery Catalog_Page_5  

You’ve heard of a Turducken, how about a Piecaken?

Unknown Those who are close to me, know I love food and enjoy eating. Tasting flavors is one of the best things in life.  Maybe that is why Imagery Unlimited does a lot of work in the Food Service Industry.  I used to be a Food Service Manager, a Food Service Production Manager, and have done just about every job in the kitchen.  One of my favorite jobs and people are the bakers!  Well Bakers have come up with something special, as always calories, fat and the rest of it be dammed!  

Imagery Unlimited has Hardware.

Did you know that Imagery Unlimited has hardware too?  Check it out here is just the banner stand section, for more information contact Imagery Unlimited at 800-829-4018 or    

Add Appeal With Stand-Offs

stand_offs_featured Add depth to your signs with out going 3D. You can place a black backdrop behind a raised sign by using Stand Offs. Stand-Offs will place your sign about an Inch off the wall and give your sign depth with out going 3D.

Improve Ambiance With Custom Wall Coverings

large_display_featured Summer is gone, fall is fading and the Holidays are coming. How do your service areas look and feel? Is your service area warm and inviting or is it dull and uninspiring?