How Many Customers are you missing?

What ever your business, you have people walking by everyday.  Some businesses may have a retail front, or in a commercial office park, or be in the food service industry.  The people that pass by are many times an untapped source of revenue potential.   Did you know that every person knows on average 350 people?  That is the potential of reaching many customers that do not know what you do, offer or have available.   Let’s say you have as little as 35 people that pass by a day.  These 35 people know 12,250 people, that is the potential of 12,250 new contacts!   Now let’s say that only 1% my have need of or be interested in what you have for products or services, so lets cut that to 125 people that are potential new clients.  So in one year, say there are 250 days that you are open, that is 30,000 people that you have access to right out side your front door!  Now if you are a Cafe and your lunch check average is around $5.00 and you get say 10,000 of those to stop in for lunch in a year, you have now the potential to increase your lunch sales for the year by $50,000!  I do not know about you but I would like a piece of that untapped pie.

So how can you reach those sales right out side your door?  One way is with a simple sidewalk sign. These are called A-Frame signs and come in all types.  Imagery Unlimited can provide you with these A-Frames and help you tap this resource that is passing by right outside your front door.   We can help you determine what one will be best for you, and help you design and produce your message.  Some have panels that can be changed out or framed edges that open up to easily change your message, making is so you can reach even more untapped customers.  They come in materials that work well in and outdoors.  It is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your untapped and regular customers daily, and have one of the fastest ROI of your marketing budget.


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