The World of large format printing, and Tagging.

Smart Phones are a wonderful thing, we can now take photos, movies, get e-mails, text, find driving directions, get more information than ever before.   That little phone has more computing power then the Apollo Astronaut’s had!   So how can Smart Phones help with marketing and sign?

Signs are used to inform your customers about up and coming events, specials, what you are currently selling and provide information necessary for your customers to make decisions.   Say you have a new product and you want to direct customers to more information—how do you do that with a limits of a sign?   A well designed sign will get their interest up, adding a TAG or QR code will let them get more information or be able to place and order right from their smart phone!

Tags are generated by Microsoft and Look like this:





QR Codes look like this:



To read QR codes and Tags you will need a app for your smart phone.   These are available where ever you purchase your apps from, and are usually free.

These codes will help you to direct customers to more information, surveys, or even downloadable coupons.   For more information contact Imagery Unlimited at 800-829-4018 or [email protected].

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