At Imagery Unlimited designing involves much more than design.  The end use of the product must also be taken into account.  What good is having a design that you cannot use.  That is why even though most designs are produced in house, we have a large network of suppliers that we work with to get your design produced in 3D, vinyl, paper, or in some cases even printed directly on your final material.  We can even produce your design on wall paper canvas, magnet or magnet receptive materials. The end use of your design is as important as the design  itself.

Logo Design

Your logo represents who you are, so make an impression.  Is it time to refresh your look?  If your logo gets lost or you need a new logo for a new project or event, Imagery Unlimited can design or redesign a logo for you.  Is your logo ready for any use?  There is different types of files for different end uses. Having vectored art is very important.  Vectored art can be made just about any size with out losing clarity when printed.  If you are going to need a 3D logo or have t-shirts made in most cases you will need vectored art.  Imagery Unlimited can provide you with the art you need, whether we can design from scratch for you or if you need it redesigned. Just call Imagery Unlimited at 800-829-4018.

Graphic Design

Imagery Unlimited is your Graphic Design Source. We have been working with restaurants, and the food service industry for over 17 years. Though this is our niche we are by no way limited to graphic design in this area. Imagery Unlimited staff can help you design your project and print your files for you. We can help you with the layout of brochures, designing a banner, or even floor graphics.  We are your one stop shop for getting your project designed and produced.

Menus and Calendars

Do you need a new calendar of events or a new menu for your restaurant? Imagery Unlimited can help you do that as well! We can help you design your menus for both digital or print.  If you do a monthly calendar or need a catering brochure, or a table brochure, we can help you design it and print it. Just give us a call at 800-829-4018.